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13 - 14 Oct 2015

7th Annual CHP Congress of B.KWK

On 13-14 October German national combined heat and power association B.KWK will host its 7th annual inter-sectoral CHP congress in Berlin. Take this opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about the current state of policy for the development of cogeneration.

The event is aimed at decision-makers from all areas involved in CHP:

  • Manufacturers of cogeneration plants and components;
  • Public, Industrial, Commercial and Private Operators;
  • Public Utility Companies;
  • Utilities;
  • GVU;
  • Planners;
  • Consultants;
  • Contractors;
  • Energy Agencies;
  • Banks;
  • Councils;
  • Cities & Neighbourhoods;
  • Environmental Associations;
  • Politics and Administration at Federal, State and Municipal levels.