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21 Jun 2012

Beyond Electricity

COGEN Europe and Euroheat & Power organised the joint seminar 'Beyond electricity' at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012, June 2012. The seminar was moderated by Graham Meeks of the Combined Heat and Power Association. This section will give you a short summary of the session.

The EU total thermal energy demand consumes some 60% of the primary energy resources in the EU and counts for around 46% of its final energy use. Out of the total heat demand 42% can be found in the industrial sector, 35% in the households, 20% in services and 3% in agriculture. This seminar investigates beyond electricity to the important role of the heat and cooling sectors in efficiently decarbonising the European energy system in a socially responsible manner.
The total thermal energy demand of Europe consumes 60% of its primary energy resources, however heating and cooling are largely overlooked in all the scenarios presented in the European Commission’s Energy roadmap 2050. At the seminar alternative approaches of energy modelling were presented and the importance of integrated energy planning were discussed. An expert panel consisting of heat consumers as well as heat producers shared their experiences on why the issue of thermal energy is important to them (e.g. fuel poverty/affordability, territorial cohesion, local jobs and welfare) and provided examples of solutions they have identified. The event was concluded by an open debate.
For more information (description, programme), click here.

10:05 – 13:00 A Coalition for Heat: Snapshots of efficient energy use & RES in Europe today