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Micro-CHP is the state-of-the-art energy supply solution for European homes and small businesses, already delivering today in its journey to the energy system of the future. Putting the cogeneration principle to use for citizens and small businesses creates a new relationship between them and the energy market. The merits of this flexible, controllable, energy efficient technology need to be better recognised through an appropriate policy structure so that it can contribute fully to the EU 2020 objectives and beyond.

Industrial CHP

CHP is a highly efficient use of primary energy in industry. Roughly 50% of the installed CHP in Europe today is in industry contributing a 15 Mtoe energy savings to Europe’s economy every year. Industry must consume energy to drive its high temperature production processes. If it chooses to also generate electricity on the back of this demand there is a primary energy saving of 10% to 25% compared to separate production of heat and electricity.

CHP and renewables

A high penetration of renewables on the electricity network is at the heart of EU’s strategy for substantially decarbonising electricity by 2050. Closely coupled with this is the EU energy savings objective and need to renew its electricity delivery system. CHP is a valuable tool for increasing energy efficiency currently delivering 35 Mtoe of primary energy savings annually. The need for energy savings in electricity generation is huge and combining the production of electricity and heat in CHP works well with the emerging decarbonisation scenarios (2030-2050).