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20 Nov 2015

ENTSO-E Annual Conference 2015

The Energy Union Ahead: Reliable. Sustainable. Competitive.

A New Deal for the EU post-recession? What should it be based upon? What is the role of the resilient Energy Union? Commission President Juncker’s 10 ambitious priorities focus on better regulation and on large scale public-private investments into innovation and infrastructure across the EU. What can be achieved until 2019, the end of the mandate of the current Commission?

The Energy Union is in the centre of this year's Annual Conference of ENTSO-E, organised under the patronage of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council.

ENTSO-E will reveal its recommendations on better regulation in energy, on market design and innovation, on security of supply, and on energy regions.

In all of these, innovation on the one hand and the citizen on the other play a central role. In the liberalised single electricity market, the grid is the enabler of the energy transition, the point of interaction for all players. The grid ensures security of supply, market facilitation and integration.

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