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14 Apr 2011

EUSEW2011: The use of cogeneration in European key industry sectors, 14 April 2011, Brussel

The half-day seminar “The use of cogeneration in European key industry sectors” was an official event of the 2011 EU Sustainable Energy Week organised by the umbrella actors CIAA, CEFIC and CEPI, along with COGEN Europe. The food/drinks, chemical and paper sectors have traditionally been users of cogeneration. All three sectors represent companies that need a substantial amount of high temperature heat or steam and electricity in their industrial processes. There are now world leading examples of best practices in these industries in Europe but still the penetration of this approach in any one sector is only around 30%.

The purpose of the seminar was twofold:

1. Provide an update on current and upcoming EU legislation that effects the cogeneration sector; and

2. Demonstrate the current use of cogeneration in Europe’s key industry sectors and how it fits in their organisation’s overall energy strategy.

The four organisers shared the broader industry view of cogeneration and specific policy impacts relevant to 2010-2020. They explored the potential for expanding the penetration of cogeneration in their sector as part of wider energy efficiency initiative and considered how policy around cogeneration is supporting energy efficiency investments and how it impacts on the ability of industry to play a full role in decarbonising heat and power footprints.

Date and time: Thursday 14 April 2011, from 9:30 to 13:00

Conference Venue
Charlemagne Building: Room Jenkins
European Commission
Rue de la Loi 170, 1049 Brussels

Agenda, participants list and presentations: