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  1. 27 Sep 2016

    ene.field national workshop - Belgium

    Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium
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  2. 27 Sep 2016

    Belgium National CHP Conference

    Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium

    For more information on this event, please contact Jörg Baeten

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  3. 26 Sep 2016

    17th COGEN Portugal Conference Competitiveness and Growth: The Role of Energy Efficiency

    Porto, Portugal
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  4. 19 Sep 2016

    International Seminar on Emissions, Energy Efficiency and Natural Gas

    Palau de la Música, Barcelona

    Emissions to the atmosphere, both those which contribute to climate change as well as those affecting air quality, have become a cause for growing concern in most urban areas of the European Union. Improving energy efficiency and developing the use of natural gas can mitigate the negative effects of these emissions. Hence the proposal of the Climate Action and Energy Policy Commissariat of the European Commission and the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation to devote its Second European Seminar in Barcelona to this issue. The seminar has two parts. The first is devoted to the relationship between energy efficiency and reducing emissions. It reports on the evolution of energy efficiency by sectors and by countries and the calculated impact on emissions reduction. The contribution that cogeneration can make to this improved efficiency is also discussed. Finally, an operational strategy for reducing greenhouse gases worldwide is proposed. The second part focuses on natural gas as a clean and competitive alternative that can contribute to reducing emissions. It reports on natural gas solutions for goods freight by road and for maritime transport. Finally, the key role of citizens in urban mobility, both in choosing one or other mode of transport, such as in the acquisition of a vehicle, and its efficient driving, is discussed. The Seminar starts with a presentation by the Climate Action and Energy Commissioner and closes with a presentation by the Chief Executive Officer of Gas Natural Fenosa.

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  5. 29 - 30 Jun 2016

    The interCOGEN® 2016

    Trade Fair Centre Karlsruhe, Germany

    The interCOGEN® is one of the leading exhibition and conference events for cogeneration in Germany. It is integrated into the CEB® which is one of the most important information exchange platforms in Germany for the industry – attracting nearly 40,000 visitors to the event's website and over 2,500 qualified visitors from 10 countries...

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