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  1. 26 - 27 Mar 2015

    COGEN Hungary Annual Conference 2015

    COGEN Hungary's 2015 Annual Conference will take place on 26-27 March 2015.

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  2. 26 - 27 Feb 2015

    Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition

    Charlemagne Building, European Commission, Brussels

    The European Commission will host a two-day conference on 'Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition' on 26-27 February.

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  3. 25 Feb 2015

    Benefits of Decentralised Production of Heat and Power: householders and small energy users in the spotlight

    Thon Hotel EU, Brussels

    The purpose of this event, held alongside the European Commission's Heating and Cooling Conference, was to share the latest findings and exchange ideas on how to spur the development of local, decentralised combined heat and power generation technologies.

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  4. 11 Dec 2014

    CODE 2 Project: Final Dissemination Workshop

    Brussels, Belgium

    The CODE 2 project will present 27 national cogeneration roadmaps for Europe along with an overarching roadmap for the European Union as a whole at the Final Dissemination Workshop on 11 December.

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  5. 28 Nov 2014

    Cogen Nederland Symposium

    Driebergen, Netherlands

    Zon, Wind, Warmte, Kracht: Samen, voor ons Eigen! Symposium 28 november 2014.

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