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  1. 9 - 10 Nov 2015

    Chatham House | Energy Transitions

    London, UK

    The energy industry is in the midst of a transition due to new market actors, changing policy and investment conditions, and the implications of climate change. This conference will look across the energy sector and assess how incumbents are responding to the changes, with expert insight from the US Department of Energy, European Investment Bank, Energy Technology Institute, Nest Labs and Nissan International.

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  2. 16 - 17 Nov 2015

    2. KWK-Planer- und Beratertagung

    Nürnberg, Germany

    B.KWK, the German CHP association, is holding its the 2015 edition of its annual cogeneration information days in Nuremberg on 16-17 November.

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  3. 17 Nov 2015

    European Scale Pellet Market

    Brussels, Belgium
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  4. 20 Nov 2015

    ENTSO-E Annual Conference 2015

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  5. 25 Nov 2015

    Heat 2015

    Russell Hotel, London

    With heat, the hidden engine of our economy, accounting for almost one half of UK energy costs and a Government Spending Review focused on cutting the deficit while delivering priority public services and economic growth, the Heat 2015 conference will examine the key role played by heat in delivering a sustainable, affordable future.

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