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  1. 4 Oct 2016

    XII COGEN Spain Annual Congress - Las Perspectivas de la Cogeneracion en la Nueva Legislatura

    Hotel the Westin Palace, Madrid
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  2. 11 Oct 2016

    Irish Combined Heat and Power Conference

    Dublin, Crowne Plaza Hotel

    Major conference examining some of the benefits of CHP – delegates will hear from experienced energy and environmental managers who will set out how CHP has significantly reduced their energy costs and improved their business competitiveness, while at the same time, improving their organisation’s environmental credentials. The conference will be of interest to anyone with an eye on the Irish energy or CHP markets.

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  3. 11 - 12 Oct 2016

    2016 Euroheat & Power District Energy Days

    Hotel Sofitel Europe Brussels

    The Euroheat & Power autumn conference will provide a high-level forum for policy-makers, industry and civil society to exchange views on how thermal networks can help deliver a smoother energy transition at European, national and local level. This policy conference will be followed by two additional and related events: first the 2nd edition of the DHC+ Brokerage event and second, the final conference of the STRATEGO project. If you’re interested in the role of sustainable heating and cooling in the pursuit of Europe’s wider climate and energy ambitions, we want you to come and make your voice heard! ...

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  4. 18 Oct 2016

    Satisfy Your Steam Requirement with an Electricity Boost


    The webinar focuses on Steam & Power ORC system working principle, performances, technological features and feasibility studies based on real cases, for different manufacturing processes application (chemical, paper, food). A technological benchmark is presented and potential synergies with other CHP system (e.g Internal Combustion Engines) are explored. Finally, the Tri-generation configuration, for manufacturing processes that need cooling energy down to -40°C, is showcased.

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  5. 18 - 19 Oct 2016


    Aquapalace Hotel Prague, Čestlice u Prahy, Czech Republic

    We are delighted to announce our participation at the 'Cogeneration Days 2016' which will be hosted traditionaly by Cogen Czech in Čestlice u Prahy on 18-19 October. For more information please visite website.

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