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17 Oct 2013

Facing challenges for fuel-cell CHP in the EU

The market for fuel-cell CHP is at a very interesting point in its development. Besides interesting technological innovations, new products from the U.S. and Japan will become available and boiler manufacturers are lining up new products for the residential market. Decisions have to be made by governments, investors, manufacturers and end-users in order to progress at a certain scale. But what will happen on the versatile EU energy markets?

Our conference aims to address the following questions:

  • Will new technology concepts bring the market forward?
  • Will developments in the US and Japan fast-track EU market uptake?
  • What is happening today in the EU with FC CHP projects?

Join us on 17 October in Amsterdam and discuss the opportunities and challenges with our network of investors, energy companies, manufacturers and policymakers!

For more information, please contact:

Edmund Fennema +31 6461 00310 or Arjen de Jong +31 6303 68827