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The Voice of the Cogeneration Sector in Brussels

Currently 15% of Europe’s heat and 11% of Europe’s electricity are generated in cogeneration mode.

Since the 1990s, COGEN Europe has been developing a strong presence in Brussels and is now the unrivalled organisation for cogeneration outreach, advocacy and communication with the European institutions.

We are a membership-based association originally founded by national associations, and today supported by a string of companies that all share the same vision and motivation of a strong cogeneration sector in Europe.

COGEN Europe mission is to create opportunities at the national and local levels for the sector to grow via the development at European level of a favourable environment (supportive energy policies, enabling research development deployment and innovation framework, allowance of funding opportunities for developers and operators…).

In addition to its primary mission, and due to its significant membership base across technologies and fields of applications, joining the association ensures benefiting from the wealth of its network and first-hand information. 

For further information on understanding our network and joining COGEN Europe please download the membership brochure or contact us at phone number +32 2 772 8290 , we will be delighted to answer any question you may have.