The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration
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COGEN Europe's activities are focused on increasing and improving the market for cogeneration.

Within the EU, energy policy is currently a top priority and there are a great number of policy initiatives underway that are directly relevant to cogeneration.

COGEN Europe works closely with the EU institutions to ensure that the interests of the cogeneration industry are well represented within existing and new European policies.

This is achieved through:

  • Regular liaison and bilateral discussions with the relevant Commission Directorates-General and staff including DG Energy, DG Climate Action, DG Environment, DG Research, DG Enterprise and Eurostat;
  • A network of links with key Members of Parliament (MEPs) and by following the work of relevant Parliamentary Committees, including ITRE and ENVI. In addition, we work closely with Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW), which aims to inform MEPs about key developments in the area of energy efficiency;
  • Close liaison within the informal Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) with key energy efficiency associations, including EURIMA and CECED, as well as direct participation in the Coalition for Energy Savings, which brings together industry representatives and NGOs;
  • Cooperation and close liaison with international organisations (IEA and WADE), key industry associations (such as CEPI, CEFIC and FDE), bio-energy associations (EREC and AEBIOM), and city representations (Covenant of Mayors and Energy Cities);
  • Representation on a number of EU consultative and operational committees, and European Commission fora;
  • A set of active member Working Groups which formulate and propose COGEN Europe's policy on key topics.

COGEN Europe also works with members to develop the industry from a market and trade perspective. Europe is home to many large cogeneration manufacturers and encompasses a market with a tradition of using cogeneration across several sectors.

Currently 11% of Europe’s electricity is generated in cogeneration plants and those involved as manufacturers and users of the technology believe that considerable expansion is possible. New technology and applications are emerging in bio-energy, micro-CHP, fuel cells, and heating and cooling. To realise this potential, the industry must increase its profile and find a voice which adequately represents its current and potential status. COGEN Europe is increasingly focusing on these communication, outreach, advocacy and development efforts for the industry.

COGEN Europe is the voice for cogeneration in Europe, urging governments to create supportive policy frameworks, remove barriers and stimulate investments. We cooperate with industry to create markets and further improve energy technologies.