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The benefits of micro-CHP in the EU

Prepared by Delta-ee for COGEN Europe, the study "Micro-CHP Benefits in the EU" provides a summary of the fundamentals and benefits of micro-CHP for Europe.

The study includes five supporting papers which outline the key benefits of micro-CHP technologies in Europe:

1. It empowers energy consumers. Micro-CHP can help transform European consumers into energy 'prosumers', putting them at the core of the future energy system, and giving them greater control over their energy bills.
2. It balances renewables. Micro-CHP generates electricity local to consumption at times of need, helping to balance renewables which can be intermittent.
3. It decarbonises heat and electricity production. Micro-CHP is a highly efficient way of using gas for heating and power production. It saves carbon dioxide now, and can save even more in the future, due to the use of renewable fuels and/or biogas injection into gas networks.
4. It provides energy security. Micro-CHP reduces the amount of total primary energy needed, and can help to support the electricity grid.
5. It can help support Europe's economy, creating and safeguarding jobs and adding value to the EU economy.