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myCHP stories

Alem is Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate at CIBSE, the standard setter and authority on building services engineering in the UK. Together with his team, Alem was involved in the installation and monitoring in CIBSE offices of a state-of-the-art fuel cell micro-CHP. So far the unit has shown significant energy and cost savings potential.

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Serving the community: this combined heat and power plant in the Czech Republic gives nearby industrial companies the steam they need to operate while at the same time heating nearby homes.  


Jonathan can focus on what he does best - encouraging more people to be more active, more often - safe in the knowledge that CHP is delivering impressive energy savings and environmental performance. Swim well!


How about reducing your company's energy bills and carbon footprint at the same time? With cogeneration at its Salford headquarters, ENER-G does both!


Using CHP boosts environmental performance and reduces energy bills at Macclesfield District General Hospital (UK). 


Residents of this nursing home can rest easy knowing that their TVs, radios and heaters have a reliable supply of energy produced on-site via CHP, leaving the manager H. J. Bindbeutel free to focus on their well-being.  


Anja delivers excellent service for her hotel guests in Herborn, Germany - safe in the knowledge that CHP is reducing her energy bills and carbon footprint.


Paul Ludwig-Buller owns the Buller Hotel in the German city of Hagen. Using CHP saves him thousands of euros in energy bills and gives him the flexibility and supply security that his off-gas grid location demands.


Steen runs a 5-star campsite on the west coast of Denmark. He needs a secure, dependable and efficient source of heat and power that allows him to focus on what he does best – delivering a top-quality holiday experience for his guests.


The children of Notre Dame Primary School in Glasgow need a safe, reliable energy supply. That’s why their head-teacher, Margaret, chose CHP to deliver the optimal learning environment for her pupils – allowing her to put money into books not energy bills.


Producing his own electricity with an innovative micro-CHP fuel cell allows Bastien to save money.


Jørn is a pig farmer in Denmark. He needs an easy-to-use heat and power system that takes care of his energy needs automatically.


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