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  1. 9 Oct 2014

    UK Energy Minister confirmed as keynote speaker for CHPA's Heat 2014 event

    UK Energy Minister Amber Rudd will address the vital issue of heat in the energy economy at the CHPA's Heat 2014 conference on 5 November.

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  2. 17 Sep 2014

    Cogeneration can power the EU's industrial renaissance

    Increasing the CHP base in European industries can improve these companies' competitiveness, thereby contributing to the industrial renaissance powering Europe's economic recovery. It can also improve the efficiency and reduce the total cost of the whole electricity system, argues a new COGEN Europe Position Paper.

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  3. 12 Sep 2014

    Cogeneration must play greater role in EU 2030 climate and energy framework

    By clearly including energy efficiency in the EU's overall climate and energy policy framework with the publication in July of the Energy Efficiency Communication, the European Commission has taken positive steps to highlight the contribution of energy efficiency in its own right towards achieving the EU's security of supply, competitiveness and environmental objectives. COGEN Europe has responded to the Commission Communication with the publication of a Position Paper.

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  4. 9 Sep 2014

    Cogeneration principle still providing 11% of Europe's electricity

    Cogeneration – also known as combined heat and power (CHP) – penetration in the EU remains flat according to data released recently by Eurostat. The 2012 figures also reveal that renewable fuels continue to gain ground in Europe's CHP fleet.

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  5. 24 Jun 2014

    No energy transition without sustainable heat

    Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the final energy consumed in the European Union. Marie Donnelly, Director of Renewables, Research and Innovation, and Energy Efficiency in DG Energy, underlined the European Commission’s growing awareness of the need to address this key sector as part of the EU’s broader energy policy during a special event in Brussels today.

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