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  1. 16 Nov 2016

    ene.field points to stronger services market to draw low carbon solutions onto the grid

    Fuel cell based micro CHP units in homes and commercial buildings could provide vital network services to the electricity grid. These services can help the electricity grid assimilate more renewables according to the latest ene.field project report published 10/11/2015. The report stresses the need to create a market for electricity services to draw new technologies such as micro CHP into wider use and accelerate the cost reduction needed for general consumer uptake.

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  2. 3 Nov 2016

    Save the Date: The Power of Heat: 22-23 March 2016

    2016 sees the publication of Europe's first-ever heating and cooling strategy, with revision of the main EU legislation to promote energy efficiency and the introduction of measures to revise electricity market design. The outcome of these changes will fundamentally affect the profitability of combined heat and power (CHP) plants in Europe.

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  3. 26 Oct 2015

    Competitive heat can fire up EU industry growth

    MEPs attending an exclusive dinner in the European Parliament tomorrow will hear from industry how cogeneration is crucial to providing local, affordable heat supplies to industrial sites across Europe. With intermittent renewable energy sources set to feature more strongly in the EU's energy mix, MEPs will hear how combined heat and power (CHP) technologies support the energy transition by delivering on-site energy supplies.

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  4. 20 Oct 2015

    EU on course to miss primary energy savings goal for 2020, latest Commission statistics show

    Cogeneration can help to improve energy efficiency across the European Union. But many member states and the EU as a whole are not reaping the full potential of the primary energy they are consuming, shows new data released by the European Commission.

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  5. 15 Oct 2015

    Join the Heat 2015 conference to shape the future of our energy system

    The Heat 2015 conference, hosted on the same day as the UK's Spending Review, will give industry, government and others the very first opportunity to debate its impact on the future of our energy system. Join us on 25 November in Central London to share your views on heat, the engine of the energy economy.

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