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  1. 23 Mar 2015

    Fraunhofer to heat up German CHP market at COGEN Europe Annual Conference

    There is huge untapped potential for cogeneration in Germany, yet without a suitable policy framework, the share of cogeneration in the country's electricity production will stagnate, warns Bernd Eikmeier of the Fraunhofer-Institut in a preview of his speech at this year's COGEN Europe Annual Conference.

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  2. 19 Mar 2015

    Fiona Riddoch introduces the COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2015

    Watch COGEN Europe Managing Director Fiona Riddoch introduce the main topics that will be discussed during our Annual Conference on 19-20 May 2015.

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  3. 18 Mar 2015

    COGEN Europe Recognition Awards 2015: Apply Now!

    Each year COGEN Europe recognises those who have contributed most to cogeneration through outstanding performance and achievement. The COGEN Europe Recognition Awards are an opportunity for individuals and organisations to gain recognition for their achievements in developing, applying and promoting cogeneration, and to demonstrate the strengths and skills of the cogeneration sector in the EU.

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  4. 12 Mar 2015

    COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2015: Sign up now!

    The COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Dinner 2015 will take place at the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of the Brussels EU quarter on 19-20 May. By coming to COGEN Europe's conference – which will be attended by European Commission officials working on the EU's new Heat Strategy (set for publication by the end of 2015) – delegates will play their part in shaping Europe's future energy policy.

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  5. 10 Mar 2015

    FEDARENE launches Roger Léron Award for sustainable energy

    The European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment (FEDARENE) has launched the Roger Léron Award for sustainable energy.

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