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  1. 28 Apr 2014

    COGEN Europe calls on Member States to take bolder steps for micro-CHP in implementing the EU's new Energy Efficiency Directive

    COGEN Europe today published a Position Paper highlighting the opportunities for Member States to more effectively harness the benefits of micro-CHP technologies.

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  2. 22 Apr 2014

    IPCC confirms role of CHP in long-term CO₂ reduction

    COGEN Europe welcomes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) recognition (with strong agreement) of the key role played by combined heat and power (CHP) in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy supply. Marking the contradiction between this finding and the direction of some EU member states' policy on CHP, COGEN Europe warns that the current situation risks undermining even existing gains.

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  3. 4 Apr 2014

    COGEN Europe Awards recognise innovation in EU CHP sector

    Fortum, Dalkia Hungary and the University of Warwick were honoured by the European cogeneration sector during the 2014 COGEN Europe Annual Dinner for their outstanding contributions to the industry.

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  4. 3 Apr 2014

    COGEN Europe Annual Conference sheds light on EU CHP sector

    As a cost-effective means of making energy-efficiency gains, cogeneration – also known as combined heat and power (CHP) – represents a tremendous opportunity for Europe, heard participants in the opening session of the COGEN Europe Annual Conference in Brussels on 3 April.

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  5. 25 Mar 2014

    Micro-CHP projections to 2020 reveal new opportunities for sector in Europe

    Micro-CHP technologies are the latest addition to the combined heat and power (CHP) family, entering the market as Europe shifts towards a consumer-led, low-carbon and efficient energy system. Leading markets for micro-CHP include Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. However, in order to speed up market deployment across Europe, the industry needs a more conducive policy framework, greater involvement from the wider energy sector and more innovative business models.

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