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  1. 17 Jun 2013

    COGEN Europe's response to Green Paper "A framework for 2030 climate and energy policies"

    In its response to the consultation launched by the European Commission on the forthcoming 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework, COGEN Europe stresses the need for a comprehensive policy framework that gives energy efficiency policy a central role. In particular, the potential improvement that such a policy can bring in terms of security of supply, economic competitiveness and environmental protection shall be recognised.

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  2. 10 Jun 2013

    CODE2 Workshop: Developing a CHP Roadmap for Ireland

    A workshop organised in Dublin during the Irish Presidency of the EU and in the framework of the CODE2 project discussed the measures that should feature in a Cogeneration Roadmap for Ireland.

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  3. 6 Jun 2013

    CODE2 press release: Industrial CHP is key in reaching Irish climate and energy targets

    National energy stakeholders, looking for energy efficiency improvements, identify key elements for a successful Irish Cogeneration Roadmap.

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  4. 30 May 2013

    COGEN Europe urges clear inclusion of energy efficiency action in the post 2020 framework following the “green light” from Heads of State

    Following the European Summit of 22 May where EU leaders confirmed that national and European energy efficiency policies are needed to achieve affordable and sustainable energy supplies, COGEN Europe urges the European Commission to give energy efficiency the position it deserves in the upcoming post 2020 framework.

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  5. 30 May 2013

    Move towards a more decentralised energy system is accelerating

    Last week E.ON announced the creation of a new company called after the name E.ON Connecting Energies which will integrate E.ON’s expertise in distributed energy solutions, energy efficiency, and renewables. One the first projects of this is building of small-scale gas-fired CHP units at several METRO Cash & Carry premises.

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