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  1. 12 Dec 2012

    COGEN Europe Press Release - The worsening legislative environment for CHPs in Spain runs counter to the European objectives

    End November, the Spanish cogeneration industry has written to the European Commission expressing their concerns regarding recent changes in tax and power generation legislation in Spain.

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  2. 28 Nov 2012

    COGEN Europe Press Release - New report highlights substantial benefits of cogeneration to European economy

    As Europe places increased importance on industry in its economic recovery strategy, Germany highlights a major role for CHP in a modern low carbon industrial base.

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  3. 21 Nov 2012

    COGEN Europe Press Release - UK policy environment becoming more favourable for cogeneration

    COGEN Europe today published the first of a new series of European policy reports with the ‘European Cogeneration Review – United Kingdom’.

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  4. 16 Oct 2012

    COGEN Europe Position Paper on proposals regarding third phase of the ETS

    In this paper we give our comments on two European Commission proposals for the third phase of the Emissions Trading System.

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  5. 27 Sep 2012

    COGEN Europe Press Release - European field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHP kick off

    Today was the kick off meeting of the ene.field project that brings together 9 European micro FC-CHP manufactures who will deliver trials across in 12 EU Member States.

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