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  1. 9 Feb 2012

    Cogeneration empowering rural economies

    COGEN Europe is pleased to welcome SHV Energy as Pan European Member

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  2. 26 Jan 2012

    COGEN Europe interview with a green fund manager

    Investors deserve a stable and positive legislative environment in order to build a low carbon future

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  3. 13 Jan 2012

    Diverse applications make cogeneration an attractive energy efficiency solution

    COGEN Europe is pleased to announce that two prominent market players have joined its Europe-wide network as of 1 January 2012.

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  4. 19 Dec 2011

    COGEN Europe Briefing Paper on Smart Grid and micro-CHP

    COGEN Europe published today a new briefing paper on the role that micro-CHP can play in the new smart grid low carbon electricity market in offering services the grid and in offering the opportunity to bring a whole new group of citizens into a new relationship with the energy market. Find the paper here.

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  5. 22 Nov 2011

    Map of CHP units in Brussels

    There are over 80 CHP plants at the heart of Brussels, find the nearest to you

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