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  1. 30 Mar 2011

    A CHP guide to EUETS

    COGEN Europe launched a CHP Guide to EUETS highlighting the effects on CHP when the revised EU ETS Directive will enter into force on 1st January 2013.

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  2. 24 Mar 2011

    Cogeneration at the foundation of Europe’s Energy Policy

    COGEN Europe welcomed experts from around Europe in today’s Annual Conference “Cogeneration at the foundation of Europe’s energy policy”. They came to take the temperature of the sector and to hear how the European Commission plans to encourage the wider use of cogeneration as it outlined in its recent Energy Efficiency Plan.

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  3. 4 Mar 2011

    CHP industry could fill a third of Europe’s 2020 primary energy

    On the eve of the publication of the European Energy Efficiency Plan and as the European Commission hunts for effective energy efficiency measures to plug the hole in its 2020 energy savings target, COGEN Europe highlights the importance of the CHP industry in meeting energy efficiency targets.

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  4. 4 Feb 2011

    Joint press release – Resource-efficiency requires a European strategy for heat

    Please find here a press release following a dinner-debate and the launch of a Joint Heat Statement.

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  5. 31 Jan 2011

    A quick guide to the CHP Directive

    COGEN Europe launched a quick guide to the CHP Directive highlighting the key elements of the Cogeneration Directive 2004/8/EC and areas for improvement in the existing legal and regulatory framework.

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