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  1. 9 Mar 2016

    2016 COGEN Europe Annual Conference: Micro-CHP industry to showcase modern energy solutions

    Micro-CHP technologies empower small energy consumers to take energy savings actions based on their specific circumstances. On an aggregate level, this autonomy leads to system wide efficiency gains and significant CO2 emission reductions. As the latest addition to the micro- CHP family, fuel cell based micro-CHPs technologies demonstrate EU leadership in terms of industrial innovation and political commitment..

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  2. 3 Mar 2016

    2016 COGEN Europe Annual Conference

    MEP Claude Turmes will engage with industry leaders at the European “Power of Heat” Conference, on the future of energy efficiency...

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  3. 16 Feb 2016

    Cogeneration sector supportive of a comprehensive follow-up to the Heating and Cooling Strategy

    The European Commission published today the long awaited Heating and Cooling Strategy, putting for the very first time the heat sector on the map of EU policymaking. COGEN Europe welcomes the Strategy and is hopeful that it will support better and more consistent European energy and climate policies, where the cogeneration principle a key role.

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  4. 12 Feb 2016

    Updated 2016 harmonised reference values for high efficiency CHP set to improve investor confidence in the sector

    COGEN Europe welcomes the Commission Delegated Regulation 2015/2402 publication in December 2015 reviewing the harmonised efficiency reference values for separate production of electricity and heat, in application of the Energy Efficiency Directiven (EED). The new reference values, which support the calculation of primary energy savings resulting from CHP production, came into force on 1 January 2016 and will provide further certainty to the cogeneration sector.

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  5. 4 Feb 2016

    Programme of the 2016 COGEN Europe Annual Conference released!

    The European “Power of Heat” Conference to take place in Brussels, on 22-23 March.

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