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  1. 28 Feb 2014

    COGEN Europe Recognition Awards 2014: apply now!

    Each year COGEN Europe recognises those who have contributed most to cogeneration through outstanding performance and achievement. The COGEN Europe Recognition Awards are an opportunity for individuals and organisations to gain recognition for their achievements in developing, applying and promoting cogeneration, and to demonstrate the strengths and skills of the cogeneration sector in the EU.

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  2. 27 Feb 2014

    Snapshot Survey reveals ongoing uncertainty tempered by some progress for CHP in Europe

    The upcoming COGEN Europe Annual Conference will once again take the temperature of the EU cogeneration sector, presenting the findings of the Association's annual Snapshot Survey of cogeneration across Europe. As member states gear up to implement the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive, our Snapshot Survey reveals ongoing uncertainty tempered by some progress for CHP in Europe.

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  3. 21 Feb 2014

    New energy label's potential to boost innovation for heaters in Europe remains unexploited, industry representatives warn

    The side event 'Energy labelling: Creating new markets for small-scale heat and power' saw European heating industry representatives present their views on the implementation of the new energy label for space heaters, with some manufacturers warning that the labelling scheme does not sufficiently promote innovative technologies like micro-CHP.

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  4. 13 Feb 2014

    Commission initiates steps to further support CHP against difficult market background

    The recent admission by the European Commission’s energy department that cogeneration is still susceptible to market failure across Europe is reinforced by recent statistics from the Netherlands – where falling electricity output from industrial cogeneration is eroding previous energy efficiency gains – and from Spain, where industry has announced that 25% of industrial cogeneration (1.5GW) has stopped since the middle of 2013. These losses of highly energy-efficient plants are a warning message to European and national decision-makers who are currently debating the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy framework and changes in the electricity market.

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  5. 5 Feb 2014

    COGEN Europe welcomes European Parliament's support for energy efficiency, hails lessons learned for EU energy and climate policy

    After months of intense debate, the European Parliament in full session today indicated its clear preference for reinforcing EU energy-efficiency policies in the post-2020 period. In the wake of the European Parliament's vote, COGEN Europe recalls the need to track the effectiveness of European energy efficiency policies by using the primary energy savings metric and the need to fully implement the Energy Efficiency Directive, including by conducting a thorough progress review and establishing links to the policy framework beyond 2030.

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