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  1. 22 Oct 2013

    Time is ripe to harness CHP's energy savings potential

    New figures released by Eurostat for the year 2011 reinforce the strong contribution made by combined heat and power (CHP) to the EU's energy supply – Europe's CHP capacity has fractionally increased.

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  2. 21 Oct 2013

    COGEN Europe acknowledges positive mention of Energy Efficiency and of cogeneration in particular in European Parliament draft report

    The draft European Parliament report on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies, produced jointly by the ENVI (environment, public health and food safety) and ITRE (industry, research and energy) committees, rightly acknowledges the future role of energy-efficiency policies in the 2030 climate and energy framework.

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  3. 12 Sep 2013

    The multiple benefits of micro-cogeneration technologies receive further recognition at European level

    COGEN Europe applauds today’s adoption by the European Parliament of a Microgeneration Resolution that highlights the need to unlock the potential of small scale technologies, such as micro-cogeneration.

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  4. 6 Sep 2013

    The ene.field project successfully installs its two first micro fuel cell-based combined heat and power

    Today the two first micro fuel cell-based combined heat and power (FC-CHP) units have been officially installed in Germany (Homburg and Munich) by the ene.field project partners BAXI INNOTECH GmbH and Elcore GmbH.

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  5. 9 Jul 2013

    COGEN Europe Position Paper on Micro-CHP

    Micro-CHP is the state-of-the-art energy supply solution for European homes and small businesses, already delivering today in its journey to the energy system of the future. Putting the cogeneration principle to use for citizens and small businesses creates a new relationship between them and the energy market. The merits of this flexible, controllable, energy efficient technology need to be better recognised through an appropriate policy structure so that it can contribute fully to the EU 2020 objectives and beyond.

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