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  1. 9 Jul 2013

    COGEN Europe welcomes the progresses made by the European Parliament on the micro-generation Resolution and publishes a new briefing paper on the topic

    This morning the European Parliament ITRE2 Committee gave support by overwhelming majority to the Micro-generation Resolution3, put forward by rapporteur Ms. Judith Merkies. Today saw also the publication by COGEN Europe of a new briefing paper which features the concrete steps at the EU and national levels that need to be taken in order to unleash the potential of micro-CHP and fulfil Europe’s key climate and energy priorities.

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  2. 27 Jun 2013

    Heat Coalition position on Green Paper "A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies"

    The existing legislative framework looking up to 2020 does not address heating and cooling in a coherent way. Looking into the future, the Energy Roadmap 2050 rightly acknowledges that renewable heating and cooling and waste heat recovery are vital to decarbonisation, yet it falls short in drawing the necessary consequences for policy making and implementation. Again, more focus is given to the electricity sector. The other recent communication from the Commission on energy technology and innovation does not have any focus on heat.

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  3. 17 Jun 2013

    COGEN Europe Position Paper on “A framework for 2030 climate and energy policies”

    COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration welcomes the European Commission initiative to hold a thorough debate on the future framework for climate & energy policies in Europe.

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  4. 6 Jun 2013

    CODE2 press release: Industrial CHP is key in reaching Irish climate and energy targets

    National energy stakeholders, looking for energy efficiency improvements, identify key elements for a successful Irish Cogeneration Roadmap.

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  5. 30 May 2013

    COGEN Europe urges clear inclusion of energy efficiency action in the post 2020 framework following the “green light” from Heads of State

    Following the European Summit of 22 May where EU leaders confirmed that national and European energy efficiency policies are needed to achieve affordable and sustainable energy supplies, COGEN Europe urges the European Commission to give energy efficiency the position it deserves in the upcoming post 2020 framework.

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