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  1. 16 May 2013

    Micro-CHP sector welcomes European Parliament resolution on microgeneration

    COGEN Europe warmly welcomes the initiative of MEP Judith Merkies to start a debate on the important but often overlooked role of microgeneration in the context of EU energy and climate goals. The draft resolution on “Microgeneration – small scale electricity and heat generation”, put forward by Ms. Merkies in late April, was debated in ITRE Committee on Monday, the 13th of May, and MEPs agreed that the issue requires more attention.

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  2. 18 Apr 2013

    Cogeneration sector reminds policy makers that energy efficient measures are no regret options

    While a note of optimism was sent from the speakers side at COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference in Brussels, congress participants highlight to European decision-makers that swift action is needed now to ensure that the existing CHP fleet is maintained. Looking at the longer term, COGEN Europe warns that waiting until mid-2014 to integrate energy efficiency into the 2030 EU framework will be too late for driving industry in the 2020+ time horizon.

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  3. 10 Apr 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - Cogeneration boosts Europe’s industrial productivity

    Cogeneration is part of the story of Europe’s re-industrialisation strategy as it offers manufacturers significant energy cost savings, improved reliability of both power and heat supply and more sustainable operations.

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  4. 3 Apr 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - COGEN Europe warns that current problems facing the CHP sector demand firm implementation of EED

    A new snapshot survey of cogeneration shows a growth in the smaller CHP installations in many EU Member States but also reveals the degree to which the sector is under pressure from the combined effect of the economic crisis, electricity market issues, and on-going fuel price fluctuations.

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  5. 27 Mar 2013

    COGEN Europe emphasises the need to consider energy efficiency actions in the 2030 Energy and Climate Framework discussions

    Welcoming today’s publication by the European Commission of the Green Paper “A framework for climate and energy policies” COM (2013)169, Fiona Riddoch, managing director of COGEN Europe, said “the pursuit of an ambitious Energy Efficiency agenda at EU level, and hence inclusion of energy efficiency in the 2030 Green Paper discussion is vital. Europe cannot talk about the energy and climate strategy without talking about the energy efficiency actions which underpin it”.

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