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  1. 14 Mar 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - German CHP sector receives further support from Government actions

    The German government’s latest policy changes aimed at giving a further boost to the German CHP sector are the subject of COGEN Europe‘s latest European Cogeneration Review (ECR) published today

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  2. 13 Mar 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - Düsseldorf contributes to Germany’s climate targets by installing the most modern CHP plant

    Landmark CHP plant aims to achieve new records for efficiency, power output and heat extraction

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  3. 7 Mar 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - CHP helps the chemical sector to lower energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions

    Tata Chemicals Europe’s CHP plant already delivered UK carbon savings of over 3 million tonnes of CO2

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  4. 28 Feb 2013

    COGEN Europe Position Paper on EU ETS structural reform options

    The cogeneration sector welcomes the discussion on a reform of the EU ETS Directive as a powerful opportunity to produce the best architecture to encourage the operation and development of CHP installations, and gives its comments on the six suggested policy options.

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  5. 28 Feb 2013

    COGEN Europe Press Release - Industrial CHP supports Europe’s industry in the economic crisis

    COGEN Europe sees a key role for industrial CHP in addressing current economic crisis

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