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  1. 16 Mar 2012

    Cogeneration and renewables: a winning combination

    COGEN Europe tackles the challenges of bio-energy cogeneration at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2012

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  2. 6 Mar 2012

    Energy Roadmap 2050: Neither Hot nor Cool

    Signatories of this joint statement urge the European Union to adopt, and to execute, an ambitious European heating and cooling policy

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  3. 2 Mar 2012

    Cogeneration at the basis of Europe’s low carbon economy

    COGEN Europe launches a wider debate on planning for heat in Europe

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  4. 1 Mar 2012

    COGEN Europe Policy Update on grid system legal framework for electricity from CHP continuity

    A note by the European Commission confirms the legal framework in place for electricity produced from CHPs

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  5. 28 Feb 2012

    COGEN Europe on vote in the ITRE committee on the draft Energy Efficiency Directive

    COGEN Europe gives a cautious welcome to the adoption of ITRE report on the Energy Efficiency Directive, but sees it falling short of delivering a European vision for CHP

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