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  1. 10 Sep 2011

    COGEN Europe: First Position Paper on the EED

    COGEN Europe's position on the European Commission's Energy Efficiency Directive COM (2011) 370.

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  2. 5 Jul 2011

    COGEN Europe Report: Cogeneration 2050

    This report highlights the role which cogeneration, as a key principal of energy efficient transformation, plays in achieving these objectives. It looks beyond the 2020 targets towards a 2050 horizon where the energy supply mix is radically different to today.

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  3. 5 Jul 2011

    Cogeneration 2050

    In a just published report highlighting the likely future role of cogeneration COGEN Europe outlines a high efficiency scenario for 2050 in which at least two thirds of cogeneration will be renewable based. However, the poor current performance of the sector must be radically improved if this is to be achieved.

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  4. 22 Jun 2011

    Major European industry sectors acknowledge the support for cogeneration in the new Energy Efficiency Directive

    European industry associations acknowledge the strong encouragement for cogeneration in the European Commission’s legislative proposal on the Energy Efficiency Directive.

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  5. 27 May 2011

    Report hails the role of cogeneration combined with renewables

    IEA report observes that cogeneration is attractive to both policymakers and private users and investors because it delivers a range of energy, environmental and economic benefits.

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