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  1. 17 May 2011

    COGEN Europe Response to the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 Communication

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  2. 17 May 2011

    COGEN Europe Position Paper: Revision of CHP Directive 2004/8/EC

    COGEN Europe calls for investor certainty, a focus on an integrated approach to energy supply and the preservation of the key legislative elements of the current CHP Directive 2004/8/EC.

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  3. 11 May 2011

    IEA report – Cogeneration and renewables

    This paper fills a gap in the energy discussion by focusing on two low-carbon options: co-generation and renewables and also on heat.

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  4. 29 Mar 2011

    A CHP guide to the Revised EU ETS Directive

    CHP plants have been the direct recipients of free EU ETS allowances since the EU ETS’s inception and entry into force in 2005. With the revised EU ETS Directive, which will enter into force on 1 st January 2013, the rules governing free allocation of allowances have been dramatically modified.

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  5. 24 Mar 2011

    Cogeneration at the foundation of Europe’s energy policy

    Experts discuss the central role cogeneration has to play in shaping EU energy policy

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