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  1. 28 Sep 2015

    New EU energy label to improve micro-CHP awareness among consumers

    A new EU energy label launched this weekend paves the way for customers to choose highly-efficient technologies like micro-CHP to heat and power their homes.

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  2. 14 Sep 2015

    Fuel cell micro-CHP in Europe on the rise: ene.field project passes major milestone

    Europe's fuel cell micro-CHP industry received a major boost in Brussels last week (9 September) with the announcement that more than a quarter of the total number of units to be installed under the EU's ene.field project are already in people's homes across eight member states. Utility survey results to be published shortly indicate that Europe will only reap the energy and climate benefits of this fuel cell product with a successful commercial roll-out.

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  3. 2 Sep 2015

    Veolia joins COGEN Europe

    COGEN Europe is delighted to welcome new member Veolia. Present on five continents, Veolia works with industrial companies and local government authorities in order to ensure the optimum use of their resources while also reducing their ecological footprint.

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  4. 31 Aug 2015

    Energy Transitions: Mapping the road ahead in a changing energy industry

    As technological, regulatory and policy developments change the investment climate for energy utilities, how can industry giants restructure in order to remain viable businesses? The Chatham House Energy Transitions conference will bring together policymakers, leading energy companies, investors and market experts to assess the shift in electricity markets and the future of traditional, large-scale remote power generation.

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  5. 17 Jul 2015

    Towards an integrated approach: COGEN Europe responds to Commission's 'Summer Package'

    COGEN Europe takes note of the issuing by the European Commission of the 'Summer Package' of next steps in the Energy Union and calls for clearer links to be made between power and heating & cooling.

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