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  1. 20 May 2015

    Micro-CHP uptake will significantly contribute to achieving EU policy goals, new study finds

    Micro-CHP technologies can cut household energy bills by 25-34%, reduce household CO₂ emissions by up to two tonnes per year in 2015 and deliver primary energy savings of up to 25%. But the right EU policy framework must be put in place if their contribution to achieving the EU's energy, climate and competitiveness objectives is to be fully realised, shows a new Delta-ee 'Micro-CHP Benefits Study' launched at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference today.

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  2. 19 May 2015

    The Power of Heat: Industry gathers to hail CHP sector's contribution to EU goals

    As the cogeneration sector gathers in Brussels for the COGEN Europe Annual Conference, the sector's most important annual event, the industry warns that the scope of the EU's upcoming Heating and Cooling Strategy must take into account the wider energy system if it is to be successful.

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  3. 12 May 2015

    EU cogeneration sector can grow under right market and policy conditions – but there's more to do, Snapshot Survey finds

    COGEN Europe's 2015 annual survey of EU cogeneration markets reveals that the sector's ability to help deliver the EU's energy and climate objectives is hampered by the policy flux and regulatory uncertainty currently holding back investment. The survey results, to be presented at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference exploring #thepowerofheat in Brussels on 19-20 May, is a wake-up call for the EU in trying to achieve its energy efficiency objectives.

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  4. 30 Apr 2015

    Industrial heat on radar of COGEN Europe Annual Conference

    Process heat for industry will be a central theme as policymakers and the cogeneration sector gather to discuss the increasing prominence of heat in EU policy at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference next month.

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  5. 20 Apr 2015

    The UK's Heat Strategy: Lessons for the EU

    In the year of the EU's first Heat Strategy, the recent experiences of the UK government in developing the UK’s first-ever Heat Strategy could hold valuable lessons for the European Union.

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