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  1. 14 Apr 2015

    Micro-CHP benefits to be showcased in Delta-ee study launch at COGEN Europe Annual Conference

    Micro-CHP technologies will make a major contribution to achieving the EU's energy, climate and competitiveness objectives with the right European policy framework in place, shows a new Delta-ee 'Micro-CHP Benefits Study' to be launched at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference on 20 May.

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  2. 23 Mar 2015

    Fraunhofer to heat up German CHP market at COGEN Europe Annual Conference

    There is huge untapped potential for cogeneration in Germany, yet without a suitable policy framework, the share of cogeneration in the country's electricity production will stagnate, warns Bernd Eikmeier of the Fraunhofer-Institut in a preview of his speech at this year's COGEN Europe Annual Conference.

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  3. 12 Mar 2015

    COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2015: Sign up now!

    The COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Dinner 2015 will take place at the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of the Brussels EU quarter on 19-20 May. By coming to COGEN Europe's conference – which will be attended by European Commission officials working on the EU's new Heat Strategy (set for publication by the end of 2015) – delegates will play their part in shaping Europe's future energy policy.

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  4. 26 Feb 2015

    EU must maintain focus on heat in energy policy

    To mark the opening day of the EU's Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition conference, COGEN Europe today launches a Manifesto calling for heat to be thoroughly covered by the European Commission's work plan and in the actions to be developed under the new Energy Union Strategy.

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  5. 25 Feb 2015

    Benefits of Decentralised Production of Heat and Power for small energy consumers in the spotlight

    Between 60% and 70% of homeowners find micro-CHP "appealing", according to a survey presented at today's event on 'Benefits of Decentralised Production of Heat and Power: householders and small energy users in the spotlight'. Micro-CHP can reduce the energy bills of households and small businesses by up to 18%, empowering them to slash their CO2 emissions and leaving the micro-CHP sector upbeat about future growth prospects.

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