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  1. 17 Sep 2014

    COGEN Europe Position Paper: Industrial Renaissance in Europe

    Increasing the CHP base in European industries can improve these companies’ competitiveness, thereby contributing to the industrial renaissance powering Europe’s economic recovery. It can also improve the efficiency and reduce the total cost of the whole electricity system., argues a new COGEN Europe Position Paper.

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  2. 12 Sep 2014

    Cogeneration must play greater role in EU 2030 climate and energy framework

    By clearly including energy efficiency in the EU's overall climate and energy policy framework with the publication in July of the Energy Efficiency Communication, the European Commission has taken positive steps to highlight the contribution of energy efficiency in its own right towards achieving the EU's security of supply, competitiveness and environmental objectives. COGEN Europe has responded to the Commission Communication with the publication of a Position Paper.

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  3. 28 Apr 2014

    COGEN Europe Position Paper: Micro-CHP delivering energy savings in the framework of Energy Efficiency Directive

    In this Position Paper, COGEN Europe highlights the opportunities for Member States to more effectively harness the benefits of micro-CHP technologies.

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  4. 9 Jul 2013

    COGEN Europe Position Paper on Micro-CHP

    Micro-CHP is the state-of-the-art energy supply solution for European homes and small businesses, already delivering today in its journey to the energy system of the future. Putting the cogeneration principle to use for citizens and small businesses creates a new relationship between them and the energy market. The merits of this flexible, controllable, energy efficient technology need to be better recognised through an appropriate policy structure so that it can contribute fully to the EU 2020 objectives and beyond.

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  5. 27 Jun 2013

    Heat Coalition position on Green Paper "A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies"

    The existing legislative framework looking up to 2020 does not address heating and cooling in a coherent way. Looking into the future, the Energy Roadmap 2050 rightly acknowledges that renewable heating and cooling and waste heat recovery are vital to decarbonisation, yet it falls short in drawing the necessary consequences for policy making and implementation. Again, more focus is given to the electricity sector. The other recent communication from the Commission on energy technology and innovation does not have any focus on heat.

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