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  1. 9 Mar 2016

    COGEN Europe Press Release - Micro-CHP industry to showcase modern energy solutions

    Micro-CHP technologies empower small energy consumers to take energy savings actions based on their specific circumstances. On an aggregate level, this autonomy leads to system wide efficiency gains and significant CO2 emission reductions. As the latest addition to the micro- CHP family, fuel cell based micro-CHPs technologies demonstrate EU leadership in terms of industrial innovation and political commitment......

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  2. 26 Feb 2015

    EU must maintain focus on heat in energy policy

    To mark the opening day of the EU's Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition conference, COGEN Europe today launches a Manifesto calling for heat to be thoroughly covered by the European Commission's work plan and in the actions to be developed under the new Energy Union Strategy.

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  3. 19 Jan 2015

    COGEN Europe response to ACER consultation on revised Network Code on Electricity Balancing (NC EB)

    You can read COGEN Europe's response to the ACER consultation on the revised Network Code on Electricity Balancing (NC EB) here.

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  4. 6 Nov 2014

    High-efficiency CHP to help deliver much-needed network services to electricity system

    To address the challenges of a high level of intermittent renewables in the electricity network, the design of network services and related markets must allow high efficiency market actors to participate. Incorporating these actors enables the network to fully harness the best resources currently available. In addition, the market design should promote high efficiency as part of service provision, as clearly set out in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Third Energy Market Liberalisation package.

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  5. 17 Sep 2014

    COGEN Europe Position Paper: Industrial Renaissance in Europe

    Increasing the CHP base in European industries can improve these companies’ competitiveness, thereby contributing to the industrial renaissance powering Europe’s economic recovery. It can also improve the efficiency and reduce the total cost of the whole electricity system, argues a new COGEN Europe Position Paper.

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