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The CODE 2 project is co-funded by the European Commission (Intelligent Europe Europe – IEE) and is a major market consultation for developing 27 National Cogeneration Roadmaps and one European Cogeneration Roadmap. The project provides a better understanding of key markets, policy interactions around cogeneration and acceleration of cogeneration penetration into industry. In addition, it proposes a concrete route to realising Europe's cogeneration potential.


The ene.field project is the largest European demonstration of the latest smart energy solution for private homes, micro-CHP. The project deploys up to 1,000 residential FC-CHP installations across 11 European countries, and brings 8 European micro FC-CHP manufacturers into a common analysis framework to deliver trials across all major micro FC-CHP technologies.


CODE is an EU wide independent assessment of the progress of the CHP Directive. The project partners and the COGEN Europe members will encourage the rapid and effective implementation of the Directive and independently review the Member States’ progress and the success of implementation.

CODE will highlight and publicise clear best practise where it occurs and draw attention to areas of poor performance or practical difficulties in implementation.

CHP goes green

The project "CHP goes Green" promotes an increased use of renewable energy sources (RES) whilst bettering its efficiency by using combined heat and power solutions (CHP) . The advantage of the use of biomass in cogeneration is self-evident, as it allows highest efficiency combined with an increase of renewables' share. Combined heat and power equipment fuelled by RES is not yet widely spread and implemented.