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22 Oct 2013

Prospects of CHP investments

Regulations and practical aspects

On 31 March the Polish Support System for high-performance cogeneration became extinct. This system could have been prolonged by the Cogeneration Act, which is yet to be enrolled. The act is currently being processed by the European Commission. According to the Commission, this process will be finished by the third quarter of this year.

This makes it highly likely that from the beginning of 2014, the support system will return. The case is complicated by the fact that the president of the URE (the Polish Energy Regulatory Office) keeps issuing certificates for high-performance CHP.

What will happen if the support system is prolonged? Is there a threat of a certificate surplus leading to market collapse?

High-performance cogeneration is supported by the European Union because it increases energy efficiency, which in turn reduces emissions of polluting gases like carbon dioxide, boosts electricity production from renewable sources of energy and triggers energy safety improvements.

Why should we invest in this right now? What kind of technology should we use? And most importantly, how should we invest?

These and other questions will be answered during the seminar ‘Prospects of CHP investments. Regulations and practical aspects’, which takes place on 22 October in Wrocław, Poland.


  • Eng. Łukasz Wilczyński, KWE Technika Energetyczna
  • Włodzimierz Kędziora, Dalkia Polska
  • Magdalena Pakosińska, law firm Olesiński & Wspólnicy
  • Adam Szymański, PhD, AS Bio-Energy
  • Sławomir Czuchrij, Synthos S.A.
  • Dagmara Jagoda, PhD, Bank Ochrony Środowiska

KWE Technika Energetyczna is the Strategic Partner of the event.

Topics to be addressed during the Seminar:

  • Regulations set beside planned investments within the scope of cogeneration;
  • the support system of RES – analysis of changes and current legal status;
  • practical aspects of cerificate trading;
  • stages of the investment process;
  • CHP systems: examples of projects, and;
  • financing CHP investments.

This event is for:

  • Heating plants;
  • electric heating plants;
  • biogas plants;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • council federations;
  • chambers;
  • investment enterprises;
  • banks;
  • hospitals;
  • malls, and;
  • anyone interested in cogeneration investment and support systems.

For further details and the registration form, please visit the Seminar website.  

Contact details of the organisers:

Western Energy Consulting
tel. +48 71 780 64 74,
mob. + 48 530 709 222



Radisson Blu Hotel *****, Wrocław, Poland