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18 Oct 2016

Satisfy Your Steam Requirement with an Electricity Boost

Cogeneration of Steam & Power for Your Manufacturing Process with Organic Rankine Cycle
Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems are a great opportunity to make a profitable investment for energy intensive industries in order to satisfy energy demands of manufacturing processes in a sustainable and reliable way.

Since 1980, Turboden (an Italian company part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group) has been a leader in Organic Rankine Cycle technology suitable for cogeneration and electricity production from biomass, heat recovery, geothermal and waste to energy applications, with more than 330 plants all over the world. Turboden has recently developed the Steam & Power ORC system, a new technological solution aimed at satisfying energy requirements of manufacturing processes with high steam demands such as paper, chemical, textile and food industries.

The webinar focuses on Steam & Power ORC system working principle, performances, technological features and feasibility studies based on real cases, for different manufacturing processes application (chemical, paper, food). A technological benchmark is presented and potential synergies with other CHP system (e.g Internal Combustion Engines) are explored. Finally, the Tri-generation configuration, for manufacturing processes that need cooling energy down to -40°C, is showcased.

Steam & Power ORC systems represent a new frontier for Steam cogeneration to design a system tailor-made on plant energy requirements, without any need of process plant reconversion and with the possibility of a perfect integration into existing generation system.

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