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19 - 21 Nov 2013

WADE Annual Conference 2013

Independence from inefficient power systems declared

The decentralised energy revolution is underway and will be the focus of the WADE Annual Conference and Joint Meeting with the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative.

The US energy and natural gas supply outlook has never been brighter, with long-term abundant supplies and moderate prices. Over 60 GW of older coal-fired generation will be retired in the coming years. US President Barack Obama has announced a goal of delivering 40 GW of CHP by 2020. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, decentralised power is the key to greater reliability and resiliency for the region and the world.

There is no greater opportunity in the world for decentralised energy than in the northeast of the U.S.

The response:

  • Connecticut has launched the nation's first incentive programme for promoting microgrids.
  • Massachusetts has instituted regulatory proceedings evaluating grid modernisation and distributed generation resources.
  • New Jersey is creating a provision for cogeneration in the RPS programme.
  • New York State has expanded incentives for CHP projects and is developing a green bank for promoting resilient energy infrastructure.
  • The NYS 2100 Commission Report, a who's who of industry experts appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, called for expanding deployment of distributed energy resources in New York State.

There is a revolution underway in the way that the world will produce and deliver electricity supplies. Decentralised generation offers numerous economic and environmental benefits and can produce clean and reliable power at costs that are rapidly falling. The traditional utility business model is being questioned by investors, consumers and regulators.

The conference will discuss these cutting edge issues and explore the commercial opportunities for decentralised energy.

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