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7 Dec 2016

OPRA Turbines' free webinar on OP16 Gas Turbine and Trigeneration Applications

 OPRA Turbines is pleased to invite you to join the free webinar on OP16 Gas Turbine and Trigeneration Applications.

Register to hear about the OP16 gas turbine technology from OPRA Turbines with feasibility studies from Application Engineers.

Familiarize yourself with smaller gas turbine technology and gain ideas on implementing cogeneration at rubber factories.

The webinar will be held twice for different time zones.

The specific topic of this webinar is trigeneration.

Date: 07th December2016

Session 1: Amsterdam 10.00AM / Jakarta 3.00PM
(click here to register for session 1)

Session 2: Amsterdam 5.00PM / New York 11.00AM
(click here to register for session 2)


About OPRA Turbines

OPRA Turbines develops, manufactures, markets and maintains generator sets in the 2 MW power range using the OP16 series of gas turbines.
The OP16 gas turbines are typically used for oil & gas and cogeneration applications for industries requiring a lot of heat in their processes in addition to power.

Utilising proven radial gas turbine technology, the OP16 gas turbine is a compact, efficient and reliable industrial gas turbine designed for supplying power generation applications to both the Oil and Gas and Industrial markets.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to send an email to or to check OPRA Turbines' website.