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Cogeneration (also known as Combined Heat and Power or CHP) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity, maximising the full potential of your energy source. It captures the heat that is released during the production of electricity. Cogeneration transforms 90% of the energy into heating, hot water and cooling for factories, offices, public buildings and homes. Being so efficient, cogeneration is the best way to stop wasting our valuable energy sources and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Small scale CHP from biomass – a demonstration project in Southeast Sweden

CHP News | Posted 27 March 2018

Fancy having your own power plant? Fuel cell micro-cogeneration is market-ready

Press Coverage | Posted 23 November 2017

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Renewable Energy

On the pathway to a decarbonised energy system, rene...

Heating & Cooling

Heat represents more than 50% of energy consumption ...



The EU co-funded project ene.field has deployed more...

CHP Goes Green

The driving forces seen behind the project “CHP go...


COGEN Europe is the voice in Europe of cogeneration in Brussels and has over 60 member organisations. Membership is open to those organisations that work with cogeneration and want to join the COGEN Europe network. You will contribute to shaping sustainable energy solutions for tomorrow and help steering the direction of Europe’s energy policy and legislation.

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COGEN Europe works closely with the EU institutions to ensure that the interests of the cogeneration industry are well represented within existing and new European policies. We cooperate with industry to create markets and further improve energy technologies.

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