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Also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), cogeneration is the simultaneous production of useful heat and electricity from a single energy source. A cogeneration plant is much more efficient than a conventional power plant since the heat produced during electricity generation is captured and not wasted. This heat is used for heating and hot water in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Cogeneration means less energy waste, less emissions and lower bills.


Cogeneration provides

11% of electricity

15% of heat in Europe


0% - 4%

4% - 9%

9% - 20%

> 20%



Since the 1990s, COGEN Europe has been developing a strong presence in Brussels and is now the unrivalled organisation for cogeneration outreach, advocacy and communication with the European institutions. We are a membership-based association originally founded by national associations, and today supported by a string of companies. We all share the vision of a resilient, decentralised, carbon neutral European energy system by 2050, with cogeneration as its backbone.


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