The Executive Committee is composed of 14 cogeneration experts, each of whom represents a National COGEN Association, an Executive Member or a Full Member. The Executive Committee is chaired by the Chair of COGEN Europe and attended by the Managing Director of COGEN Europe. It meets 4 times each year and its functions are twofold:

  • To oversee the operations of COGEN Europe, advising and assisting with the management, financial prudence and staffing of the association.
  • To provide input to the policy formulation of COGEN Europe.

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Marco Pezzaglia (Chair) - AB Energy 
  • Csaba Kiss (Vice-Chair) - COGEN Hungary 
  • Carl Richers (Vice-Chair) - INNIO 
  • Marc Vignal (Treasurer) - Solar Turbines 
  • Dora Adamo - Baker Hughes 
  • Raimon Argemi - Cogen España (Spain)
  • Yavuz Aydin - CogenTURK (Turkey)
  • Andreas Bahner - CENTRAX Gas Turbines 
  • Marco Golinelli - ITALCOGEN (Italy)
  • Vladimír Hlavinka - TEDOM 
  • Georg Klene - Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung (Germany)
  • Stefan Liesner - 2G Energy 
  • Anders Stuxberg - Siemens Energy
  • Hans Vandersyppe - COGEN Vlaanderen (Belgium)
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