Since the 1990s, COGEN Europe has been developing a strong presence in Brussels and is now the unrivalled organisation for cogeneration outreach, advocacy and communication with the European institutions. We are a membership-based association originally founded by national associations, and today supported by a string of companies. We all share the vision of a resilient, decentralised, carbon neutral European energy system by 2050, with cogeneration as its backbone.

One of COGEN Europe’s multiple objectives is to create opportunities at the national and local levels for the sector to grow via the development at European level of a favourable environment (supportive energy policies, enabling research development deployment and innovation framework, allowance of funding opportunities for developers and operators, etc.). Due to its significant membership base across technologies and fields of applications, joining the association ensures benefiting from the wealth of its network and first-hand information.

Membership is open to all organisations whose business is linked to the cogeneration sector. Our Members contribute to shaping sustainable energy solutions for tomorrow and help steering the direction of Europe’s energy policy and legislation.

Why become a COGEN Europe Member?

  1. Speak as a single voice in EU debates
    By joining the COGEN Europe network, Members ensure their voice is heard at the European level. We work in close cooperation with EU decision-makers and raise the opportunities and concerns of our Members towards them. COGEN Europe supports its Members in improving their understanding of the European Union and its policies and keeps them up to date on legislative developments impacting their business through briefings and policy papers.
  2. Access key EU market data and do not miss a single news on CHP
    Members have access to our exclusive yearly Cogeneration Snapshot Survey, a snapshot of business confidence in the cogeneration sector in Europe. As a Member of COGEN Europe, you will receive regular updates on cogeneration issues and on available EU funding opportunities (via our bi-weekly press clippings, bi-monthly eUpdates and Cogeneration Breakfast Club). And should you need further support or answers, COGEN Europe’s team always stays at the entire disposal of its Members.
  3. Shape the future of our industry
    Our Members can contribute to constructively debating and shaping the future European energy systems through active engagement within expert working groups and contact groups (i.e. Energy Policy, Electricity Markets and Network Codes, Environment and Sustainable Development, Micro-CHP Vision, Communication). Members are also entitled to participate in our Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  4. Boost visibility and network with key European Cogeneration players
    By joining COGEN Europe, you will become part of a network of more than 40 Corporate Members, representing the whole supply chain, and 13 National Associations, covering over 70% of the CHP capacity in Europe. By playing an intermediary role with media and other stakeholders, we regularly encourage our Members to deliver interviews, provide them with speaking opportunities at conferences and events across Europe and propose them to write articles on the latest business issues. Last but not least, the clickable logo of your organisation will appear on our website and you will be able to attend our Annual Conference  , the largest cogeneration event in Europe, at a special membership fee.

 For a full list of our Members, please check our Members’ Directory.

Membership categories

  • Executive Member: Executive membership is open to companies with significant interests in the cogeneration sector and who wish to actively participate in the EU policy development process in Brussels. It includes participation at Executive Committee level.
  • Full Member: Full membership includes significant support from the COGEN Europe secretariat and opportunities to raise company profile in Brussels through engagement in EU affairs. It includes participation at Executive Committee level.
  • Member: Membership gives access to participation in working groups, networking through COGEN Europe events, and regular updates on EU developments.
  • Small Company Member: Small Company Membership is reserved for small companies in the cogeneration sector with less than 50 employees. It gives access to participation in working groups, networking through COGEN Europe events, and regular updates on EU developments.
  • National Member: National Membership is reserved for national cogeneration associations.

Join now!

Are you interested in becoming a COGEN Europe Member? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about specific benefits for your organisation, terms and conditions of COGEN Europe’s membership, and what is the most suitable Membership category for you. You can directly contact COGEN Europe's Members Services and Policy Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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