Share Your Energy

14th November 2018, Prague

At the Share Your Energy event in Prague, 3 topics will be in the spotlight.

Flexibility: Red Alert: Electricity is hot! Flexibility is the new eligible bachelor. To maintain margins, retain customers and recoup their investments, businesses are going beyond ancillary services and applying higher sophistication in trading, analytics and IT. What are the main tools to stay competitive? What needs to happen for central flexibility markets to become reality? Are customer relations still a key to success or are new technologies becoming the dominant factor?

Peer-to-peer: Is uberization going to hit the energy sector soon? Blockchain and peer-to-peer have steered other industries away from central authorities. There is more complexity in the game. Centralized systems are safe and work, but at high bureaucratic cost and with untransparent  transaction fees. If smart is sustainable, can peer-to-peer work alongside a centralized system? What are the benefits of peer-to-peer for consumers, power companies and authorities? Or, is blockchain just hype?

Grid innovations: If there’s no competition, there’s no motivation to innovate. But is that true for all grid providers? Without a vision, regulators and grid providers find it tough to implement fundamental changes. Cost savings must not be at the expense of security. Can new technologies and alternative business models drive the progress? What is the future role for grid operators? What is the next big thing in their segment?

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