Priorities for 2019 - 2024

The next five years will be crucial to build an ambitious, growth-oriented, fair and climate-friendly Europe. Energy is key for all Europeans and the economy. Our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses need secure and affordable heat and power.

The cleanest and most affordable energy is the energy that you do not consume. Our planet, people and economy can no longer afford to waste energy. Energy efficiency is fundamental for Europe to achieve the Paris climate goals, tackle energy poverty and make its economy more competitive.

COGEN Europe calls upon the European election candidates to give our citizens, local communities and businesses the means to meet their energy needs with their own clean, efficient and affordable heat and power. Cogeneration - the most efficient way of generating power and heat for houses, districts, public buildings and industry - is a core solution to fulfil this vision and build a united and stronger Europe.

Cogeneration delivering key benefits for Europe

Benefits of cogeneration

Cogeneration avoids annually as much CO2 emissions as from

Cars and trucks

Supplying efficient heat and power to

Manifesto bannerIn every corner of Europe, millions of Europeans already rely on cogeneration in their daily lives and jobs. Imagine what cogeneration can do for the next generation!

Priorities for an energy transition benefitting our people and economy

Stronger European economy and regions, leading globally on energy and climate

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Empower citizens, local communities and businesses to generate their own heat and power locally
Affordable, clean and secure energy is vital for improving citizens’ living standards and for SMEs and industry to thrive in a sustainably growing European economy, creating jobs in Europe. Local efficient heat and power solutions are central in enabling Europeans to take control of their energy future.

Reward energy consumers who deliver the energy transition
Europe needs to foster new business models to reward people and businesses that make the energy system more flexible and renewable with their own local and clean energy. This will bring them new revenues and make them the active beneficiaries of the energy transition.

Support local job creation and innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy to make Europe a world leader in energy and climate
Energy efficiency and renewable energy are sectors of the future and drivers for sustainable jobs in Europe. They boost local economies and deliver the energy solutions that will make Europe move towards a better future. Europe needs to focus EU funding programmes like Horizon Europe and the Innovation Fund on creating jobs and stimulating innovation in these sectors.


A clean planet and a just energy transition

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Ensure a cost-effective decarbonisation of Europe
One size-fits-all solutions will ultimately rise costs for citizens, businesses and governments. Europe must protect the poorest and most vulnerable energy consumers against soaring energy prices, supply disruption and facilitate access to energy efficiency measures for them to benefit from clean, secure, efficient and affordable heat and power. This entails better linkage of the heat, gas and electricity networks with the most efficient integration solutions like cogeneration that can help decarbonise both electricity and heat locally. This will help maximise the decarbonisation, flexibility and synergy potential of existing energy infrastructure and set Europe on the path to build a climate neutral economy by 2050 cost-effectively.

Act now on decarbonising the heating and cooling sector
Heat is needed everywhere, in homes, in buildings, in industry. Heating and cooling amounts to 50% of the energy consumed in Europe today.  Most of it comes from polluting sources and is being wasted. Without a serious approach to decarbonise heat there will be no decarbonisation of Europe, and this should start now. A dedicated EU Heating and Cooling decarbonisation strategy is needed to deploy the most energy efficient and renewable solutions, including in segments not covered by the EU ETS as the individual heating & cooling sector.


Smarter Europe for citizens and businesses

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Set a stable and fair EU regulatory framework for efficient, clean and reliable heat and power solutions
Choices made by energy consumers for new energy solutions have lock-in effects over the following two decades. Strong investment signals, no retroactive changes and a level playing field for all field for all efficient and renewable energy solutions are needed to secure investments in decarbonisation solutions. This requires mainstreaming implementation of existing legislation, especially on energy efficiency and cogeneration. Greater national implementation can be supported by EU funding programmes like Structural Funds and the Modernisation Fund as well as by institutions like the European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Apply the energy efficiency principle across all EU legislation, the whole energy value chain and all energy sources
Europe needs to make energy efficiency its top priority and it must happen now. There is still a huge untapped potential to make the energy supplied to energy consumers more efficient, when we know that on average 60% of energy is lost in conventional electricity generation. Efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption are fundamental to decarbonise Europe and make the most out of our energy. In addition, as the energy system becomes less carbon intensive, efficiency measures to reduce primary energy use will remain important from a resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness perspective.

COGEN Europe calls upon European election candidates to commit to these priorities and to building a resilient, decentralised and carbon neutral energy system that benefits our citizens, the economy and climate.



Discover COGEN Europe vision for 2050 in the video below.

2050 vision


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