Europe's energy and climate policy is at a crossroads. Today’s decisions will shape Europe’s energy system for the next decades.

How will the currently debated Clean Energy Package help bring together different national energy mixes, varying energy security needs and stages of economic development to enable the EU to reach its energy and climate objectives in the long run? What will the 2050 energy system look like in a context of shifting paradigms and disruptive innovation and how heat and power will be delivered in a fully integrated system? But also, how to unlock existing energy markets and funding opportunities to accelerate the energy transition, empower energy consumers, reduce CO2 emissions and boost industrial competitiveness in Europe?

These were some of the burning questions that were addressed at the 2017 edition of The Power of Heat Conference, organised by COGEN Europe, the largest annual event for the cogeneration sector in Europe.

COGEN Europe’s annual conference brings together EU and national policymakers, industry leaders and influential thinkers to discuss the latest policy and market developments, associated challenges, future trends in energy markets and seize new growth opportunities.

Held in the heart of Budapest (Hungary), COGEN Europe’s Annual conference benefited from a fantastic setting, exciting speakers and turnout from all over Europe and beyond.

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