Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Buildings: Integrating Electricity, Heat and Gas for a Decarbonised Future Energy System

The energy system of the future will face increasing cost and reliability issues as all sectors are mobilised to respond to the decarbonisation challenge. Key studies, including the European Commission’s Clean Planet for All Strategy, conclude that utilising the existing grids to supply green fuels, including hydrogen (H2), will be key in decarbonising our economy. In this context, the large-scale uptake of stationary fuel cells for heat and power production in buildings is essential and must be kick-started today and accelerated in the future. This will ensure that decarbonisation is achieved at lower costs for consumers and the economy, ensuring higher energy efficiency, a more reliable energy system and less polluted environment.

The session will explore how building-level fuel cells and H2 can contribute towards EU’s 2030 and 2050 climate and energy goals. It will provide case studies of customer experiences and will showcase the industry’s commitment to scale up fuel cell micro-cogeneration uptake and reduce product cost. Speakers will map out a decarbonisation pathway for buildings, with a mix of complementary solutions, including energy efficiency via fuel cell micro-cogeneration and renewable and decarbonised gases.

The event will discuss with national governments, local authorities, the European Commission and industry representatives the potential, challenges and opportunities for large scale fuel cell micro-cogeneration and H2 uptake in the building sector. The debate will focus on national and local authorities’ perspectives, as they engage in national debates on medium and long-term climate and energy strategies as part of the Clean Energy Package implementation.

Date: 18 June, 12:00 - 15:30
Venue: The Office, Rue d'Arlon 80, 1040 Bruxelles
Registration: HERE

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