Fuel Cells & Hydrogen for Your Home Picking up PACE

EUSEW participants are invited to discover Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration. Supported at EU level through the flagship Horizon2020 project PACE, Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration (FC mCHP) is the latest home energy solution to enter the European markets. It promises to be a game changer in the hydrogen revolution for higher efficiency and more rapid decarbonisation in buildings.

FC mCHP provides efficiency, comfort and lower energy bills to homes and SMEs, while supporting the wider energy systems both today and in the future. Being fuel flexible, they improve the efficiency of all gaseous fuels (i.e. low carbon, renewable and decarbonised). Moreover, as they use hydrogen (H2) via a chemical process to produce power, heat and water (no combustion), they virtually eliminate local air pollution in cities. In addition, FC mCHP self-generate efficient power and heat, thus relieving strain on the grids due to electrification of heating and mobility.

This Energy Talk will explore the latest milestones reached and bright prospects for Fuel Cell micro-CHP in the future. Its contribution to the EU climate and energy objectives will be outlined along with the necessary policy action to foster mass market commercialisation and fully recognise its benefits.

Date: 19 June, 16:30 - 17:00
Venue: Résidence Palace, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Info: https://www.eusew.eu/fuel-cells-and-hydrogen-buildings-bringing-together-electricity-heat-and-gas-decarbonising-our
Register: HERE

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