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15 Jul 2021

Biomethane and Smart grid: the ‘Eco-CHP’


Renewable energy sources will write the future. And who is the writer of the current energy chapters? And how far into the future will renewable energy be? Smart grid is a technical ecosystem that reconciles functional compromise with a significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption.

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03 May 2021

40th Euroheat & Power Congress


The Euroheat & Power Congress focuses on topics related to District Energy and is this year hybrid. Participants meet online and onsite. The congress provides a unique forum for discussing and enhancing knowledge on major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors.

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28 Apr 2021

Integrated solutions for electrification: three approaches from three countries


The path to a climate-neutral Europe in 2050 will be paved with a variety of solutions. Diverse conditions in European countries require holistic planning approaches tailored to local needs to progress towards a net-zero power system.

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16 Mar 2021

The Road to Carbon Neutrality with Hydrogen Cogeneration


Hydrogen has great potential of storing large amounts of energy over a longer period. With cogeneration, we can use that hydrogen in the most efficient and affordable way when we need electricity and heat. In this webinar, Hydrogen Europe will present the position of hydrogen cogeneration in the European Hydrogen Strategy. Two best practice projects of hydrogen CHPs and hydrogen fuel cells will give insights about the status quo of the technology.

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12 Oct 2020

COGEN Europe Virtual Annual Conference

Cogen Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed both challenges and opportunities for Europe. The COGEN Europe Virtual Annual Conference will provide a platform to policymakers, business representatives and stakeholders to voice their views, solutions and concerns on how to move out of the crisis with climate-friendly solutions.

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