24 September 2020

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1. The future of EU Taxonomy - Zita Csoka, Policy Analyst, Directorate General Energy, European Commission

2. Panel debate
Zita Csoka, Policy Analyst, Directorate General Energy, European Commission
Jean Marc Jossart, Secretary General, Bioenergy Europe
Sara Dethier, Policy Researcher, E3G
James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas
Nikolaos Keramidas Vice-Chair, Energy Policy Working Group, COGEN Europe & EU & Regulatory Affairs Director, Mytilineos



1. The future EU taxonomy will be a key tool to accelerate investments that help transition towards a climate neutral Europe. It should be balanced and take today’s energy market reality into account to promote a cleaner energy system, guarantee affordable financing, while safeguarding energy security at acceptable cost and maintain Europe's competitiveness.

2. Consistency of the future EU Taxonomy is a major factor for its success

  • with existing EU legislation, such as the Energy Efficiency Directive and Renewable Energy Directive and their requirements
  • between public and private banks in their consideration of what is a sustainable investment
  • with other Taxonomy initiatives and standards being developed at international level 

Such consistency is key to safeguard investment security and drive the uptake of solutions considered sustainable today, but also ensure fair competition and a level playing field globally. Europe is at the forefront of climate action. It has a key role to play in ensuring harmonisation at international level, in a consistent and ambitious way.

3. Integrating the economic and social dimensions in the future EU taxonomy is key to ensure a stronger approach towards sustainability. These dimensions, together with environmental considerations, will help make fully informed and successful investment decisions for the future.

4. Multi-stakeholder dialogue matters. The involvement and collaboration of all sectors will ensure the proper expertise is around that table to build an EU Taxonomy that delivers for investors, the environment and the economy.

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