18 May 2022

In the context of the ongoing energy supply and price crisis, and given our long term environmental and energy security objectives, it is clear that Europe cannot afford to waste energy. Energy efficiency solutions such as cogeneration are vital for reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and also for extracting the maximum amount of useful energy from valuable renewable energy resources. This webinar provides an overview of how the ‘energy efficiency first’ principle, applied across the entire energy value chain, can put Europe on a fast track to energy independence and decarbonisation. The webinar highlights examples of successful projects in Belgium, Germany and Italy involving the smart integration of energy efficient and renewable energy solutions including: district heating, waste heat recovery, and renewable gases and clean hydrogen complemented by high-efficiency cogeneration.

Introduction by Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavičė (Head of Policy, COGEN Europe)

Generating power and heat using clean hydrogen (Hassfurt, Germany) - Presented by Andre Banken (Director International Business Development,  2G Energy)

Ochain Energie Biogas Plant (Belgium) - Presented by Jiří Janša (Deputy Sales Director, TEDOM) & Christopher Stunz (Business Unit Manager, Coretec Energy)

iRecovery Project to recover and re-use heat from steel production (Brescia, Italy) - Presented by Sabrina Santarossa (Sales Manager, Turboden)

PHB REPowerEU 1 PHB 180522 2G PHB 180522 TEDOM PHB 180522 Turboden



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